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Shaun’s Writing on the Theme of Fear

In the moonlight Jones caught a glimpse of something crunching. It was heading to the basement. Then all of a sudden Jones saw footsteps a shape of a triangle. Immediately Jones heart started to beat faster than a Mercedes Benz. Finally the moment had come a massive beast came towards Jones. The big razor teeth, the sharp claws the big black fur on his back.  Now he likes teeth to sink he’s paws into Jones body. Jones blood roared in his ears and he remembered when it was peacefully quiet 5 hours ago. When the beast came dangerously. Jones is pressed  back against the basement wall. The beast came with a glittering sword with the blood slowly dripping the beast stretch out his arms to grab Jones but before he does that the beast punches him and then he throws him in the air when he falls back he smashes his head and starts to bleed. After the beast takes him out and away into the darkness if anything horrifying happens to you like jones you won’t be laughing

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