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Isaiah’s Writing on the Theme of Fear

In the moonlit streets, John was lying in his king-sized bed when her heard someone roaming the streets. John staggered over to the window to be extremely shocked by a view of Bloody Mary. Her face was dripping with the blood of her last victim. As for her eyes, they were nearly bulging out of her head with anger. When she realised that John was looking she decided that he would be her next victim.

Bloody Mary smashed the window with a massive brick. She climbed up a ladder from the shop below and casually climbed through the window. John started to back away but tripped up on his baseball bat. His heart started thumping and his fingers were trembling with fear. His blood started rushing around his body and his hands were permanently glued to the floor. He saw a butcher’s knife in her pocket so his heart was racing even faster.

She drifted over to John and stood over him. She handled the knife like a butcher. Bloody Mary held the knife to John’s large neck with force. John’s neck was throbbing with pain because of the way she held it. John thought that his life would be taken that minute.

John was so terrified that he grasped the butcher’s knife and quickly pulled it away from his neck. Bloody Mary managed to grab the knife from John’s hands. In a flash, Bloody Mary was about to cut John but within seconds he moved just in time. John said “I hate you!” angrily. Bloody Mary staggered over to him but John started to back away and cut his foot on glass. Blood squirted out from his foot and there was a puddle around him. Bloody Mary did a vicious sign in the air. At that moment Henry VIII appeared, grabbed John and placed him in the disgusting sewers.

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