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Eugene’s Writing on the Theme of Fear

In a dark and creepy place were ghost and things creep upon you. The face was like a cartoon dolls face. With two pin eyes.  The ghost’s name was called Bloody Mary. Bloody Mary was a lady that hated children. When she saw children she killed them when there sleeping. There was a victim called Sophie she said that she felt a sharp swallow sword on her. She said she felt a nail on her.  She turned around but no one was there. She turned around again and she saw Bloody Mary. Sophie could still hear a crazy evil voice. Sophie backed up and saw Bloody Mary Bloody Mary Snatched Sophie phone. She asked Sophie where she lived Sophie did not replier. Bloody Mary took her away. Sophie said were are you taking me to Bloody Mary said I  am taking you to the London dungeon to be killed. When Bloody Mary turned around and Sophie was gone. Be care full if you see Bloody Mary scream  

The end

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