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Charlotte’s Writing on the Theme of Fear

In a dark room Gabriella was setting off to sleep until a storm started she looked out the window in the street she saw a flashing vision of a person. She tried to look but she thought it was a ghost so she jumped in bed and turned around and saw a horrible monster with red eyes she screamed for a second because she was scared before her eyes . She tried to step back but she  couldn’t it was like the monster had invisible powers that was pressing her to the floor. Her cheeks were red as fire. Gabriella’s eyes were fixed the creatures eyes she tried to take her eyes of it but she couldn’t. Her hands were tense. The monster raised it’s fury thick arms Gabriella slid to the floor wimping . This creature rose his hand and she was automatically in the air. Suddenly she realized she slowly going towards this creature. It was like she swallowed her heart. The creature grabbed her  tight it was like a sumo wrestler had sat on her  she looked at the eyes of this creature she felt like her soul was burning she tried to look away but it was burning she fainted in this creatures arms it had a devilish grin on it’s face and did a powerful jump out the window.

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