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Jack’s Writing on the Theme of Fear

We have been learning about creating a sense of fear in our readers. This is Jack’s writing – leave a comment, did he make you feel sacred?



In the overcast, gloomy night, Josh was woken by a shrieking, deafening sound. Josh suddenly saw a shiny, glistening, sword. It was splatted with blood from his last…Victim! His helmet`s visor was as orange as a flame. He looked beastly. His armour was made out of strong steel. He was sitting in the darkness. His eyes were red blinking on and off through his visor. Josh broke into a dry sweat. The armoured thing climbed through the window. Josh walked back but he slipped on a pencil on the floor. The Man stood and stared over him. Josh tried to scream but his voice was dry and all it did was rattle.  A dry, raspy, rattle. His body was numb. Their eyes locked then suddenly… The Man levitated Josh up to him. The Man stuck his hand out to the far away vase. They the vase floated over to him. A metal glove fell out of the vase. The Man spoke to Josh. His voice was a dark spine-shattering sound. He spoke, “Josh…”  Josh was scared, The sword was aimed at Josh`s throat. Josh panicked; he twisted the sword and knocked it away from his strained neck. Josh sprinted around the shining steel knight. The Man viciously turned around and sliced his sword into Josh`s wrist. The Man clicked his fingers vigorously, a dark, black and evil horse dashed over to The Man and stopped sharply. The Man tied the rope taut around him, and dragged Josh onto the dark horse. The Man made the horse gallop into the shadows…

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