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Ehfaz’s Writing on the Theme of Fear

We have been learnign about creating a sense of fear in our readers. This is Ehfaz’s work, leave a comment, did he frighten you?


At night time around 1:00 am the sky was dark. Jake caught a glimpse of a dark shadow. The beastly looking shadow was in front of his house door. He started ti wonder who it was. He saw the shadow was a knight that had red eyes. He broke into Jake’s house and got out his shiny sword he stabbed it into Jake’s mu and dads throat. Jake got scared. The metal knight got inside Jake’s room the knight ran as fast as a nija and as silent as an assain. The knight was under Jake’s bed. Jake was asleep then the knight quickly he grabbed him and the knight cellar-taped Jake’s mouth and took Jake to his secret warehouse and the knight placed Jake on a chair and tied his hands to the chair. The knight came back with two stinky dead bodies it was Jake’s mum and dad’s dead body Jake was extrememly shocked. Jake felt rreally sad he asked what the knight’s name was he was called the Knight was called The Ripper. Jake asked what the ripper wants he said he want s to kill Jake and bury his dead body somewhere where nobody would find it. The knight wanted to bury it under King Henry VIII’s castle. The ripper grabbed Jake’s neck and pushed him to the wall, the ripper pointed his sweord quickly at Jake The ripper’s sword was sharp and shiny like a window.

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