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Adam’s Writing on the Theme of Fear

We have been learning how to create a sense of fear in our readers. This is Adam’s writing, leave a comment, did he make you feel frightened?


In the creepy, spooky, forest Louis stepped on a crunchy stick and he saw something shiny in the woods. He saw a shiny sword it was shiny as the stars. Louis saw a black shiny Knight. He was creepy as a deadly beast and he was strong as a grizzly bear. He was riding on a black horse. But the Knight took Louis away. Louses face was red hot and he was scared. Then the Knight took Louis in side a dark house. The Knight threw Louis in the wooden floor but Louis walk backwards then he bumped to the wall. The Knight was ready to kill him. The Knight took out his sword out but Louis duck down like he drawn but Louis lock the door but Louis was scared but the Knight crush the door but the Knight was chasing him. Louis was hiding in a giant black tree then the black Knight pass Louis then the Knight was gone.


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