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I Implore You

I wanted to publish this post quite separately from all of my other current ramblings about religion because it is something I feel passionately about.

Everything I write on this blog refers to mainstream and moderate religion. As teachers we are on the front line with young people who are the future of our world and it is my deeply held belief that it is our responsibility to protect their minds from  the grotesque and horrifying mutant forms of ‘religion’ that would have them believe that God wants them to commit the murder of abortion doctors or passengers on the tube. Or that to achieve salvation they must be obedient without critical analysis or question or that one group or another is in some way inferior to another. That homosexuality is wrong or that women can not be leaders or some other small minded drivel. 

In your classroom, grow strong, confident learners. Grow critical minds and children who understand the difference between religion and the small minded scum that rob religion of its identity for their own selfish ends.

Emphasise the rule of law. This country has a strong judicial legacy that although far from perfect, is constant, rigid, and works tirelessly for the interests, safety and well being of each individual in our society. Do not tolerate anything which is at odds with the rule of law. Confront it and do not fear it. The consequences of failing to do so are too horrible to hold in my mind.

In my 3 years as an RE co-ordinator I have found so many teachers afraid of facing religious controversies in their class for fear of offending someone or ending up in front of a disciplinary panel of some description. But I implore you – don’t shy away from this responsibility. We educate our children about stranger danger, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, bad diet for their safety and the good of their whole life. Bad ‘religion’ is far more damaging than any of these things and our children deserve it.

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