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This is the third attempt at writing my first post! I have encouraged my children to write blogs this year about what they have learned in class and the response has been relatively positive. Some children complained that they didn’t know what to write, and I think now that I have more sympathy!

I think that the key is to know what purpose you want your blog to serve. Otherwise, as I discovered almost immediately, it becomes a rambling mess similar to internal functionings of a busy professional’s mind. However, I have watched how powerful this tool of reflection can be and am determined to give it fair go. On the plus side, the summer holidays are almost upon us, which will give me the time to actually reflect and write something!

So the aim of this blog is to reflect on my journey as my new headteacher presses the reset button on our federation. We are embarking on a padagrim shift from a refurbished Victorian conversion of current education practice, to an iphone 4 education full of bespoke, personalised learning, touchscreen interface and limitless creative possibilities.

In the new year we will begin project based learning which will gradually evolve into full negotiated learning. Every week will begin with something that the children are interested in and grow it into rigorous learning experiences framed with truly new technology.

I had always considered myself a child of the technology age. I can just remember life before computers and mobile phones but I was only a small child. I have grown up with a laptop at my fingers, a phone in my pocket and an ipod in my ear, yet I was surprised by how far behind cutting edge ideas I was. I have already begun to use web 2.0 ideas in my class with exciting results. I am evolving in myself and the way I think to align myself with where my pupils are and the menu of my blackberry is bristling with new apps to help achieve this.

My new headteacher is an invigorating whirlwind of change who is demanding that every aspect of school life account for itself and the impact it has on learning. Anything that can’t answer the call is out.

I can’t wait to share what happens in my class over the coming school year and I would very much appreciate any comments and discussion.

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